See kombi images as it was built

  • Kombi Choclate Original Kombi May 2013

  • Kombi Chocolate 01 Mar 2014 - interior takes shape

  • Kombi Chocolate 06 Feb 2014 Kombi masking tape first

  • Kombi Chocolate 06 Feb 2014Kombi the other side is covered

  • Kombi Chocolate 07 April 2014-first test run

  • Kombi Chocolate 10 Feb drawing being turned into a stencil

  • Kombi Chocolate 11 Mar 2014-AC condensors

  • Kombi Chocolate 18 Mar 2014 -Kombi or kombi DJ

  • Kombi Chocolate 31 Dec - bar goes in

  • Kombi Chocolate Dec 2013 NISA kombi original art

  • Kombi Chocolate Dec 2013 sound and seats

  • Kombi Chocolate Dec 2013-widi and interior

  • Kombi Chocolate Feb 2013 Kombi stretching the drawing using Nisa image on blackberry

  • Kombi Chocolate front speakers handmade

  • Kombi Chocolate May 2013 back seat

  • Kombi Chocolate May 2013 original interior

  • Kombi Chocolate May 2013 original seats

  • Kombi Chocolate Nov 2013-drivers area

  • Kombi Chocolate Nov 2013-front repairs

  • Kombi Chocolate Oct 2013 Arrive at panel shop

  • Kombi Chocolate power and sound outlets Jan 2014

  • Kombi Chocolate the bar Dec 2013

The story of the construction of 1980 Brazilian Kombi
In the beginning there was far to many beers one night in our office car park where we discussed at length building a fun vehicle that could do everything- be a boom box, have a remote slide out kitchen. Basically a Limo to the “nth” degree fortunately and what fuelled our enthusiasm further was that my nephew had won many modified car competitions so we knew we had access to the best panel shop.

Around May 2013 we have a pretty good Kombi on the side of the road in Denpasar for sale. After spending 3 months getting it re- registered we started what was going to take 3 months but took 10 months.

Our mechanical team has vast experience in VW and actually the head is an architect so we had a beautiful timeline that went astray through holidays and events only. We have access to as many and whatever parts w need from Java.

The mechanical brief was basically replace everything! My second job in life was running a Budget rent a car depot in Brisbane where we had 40 trucks and 60 cars and a full mechanical setup. This gives us the experience to know to not stuff around just fixing what’s broken its better to think everything is broken and start from scratch.

We replaced the Block, we re-bored it to 1,800cc we added a dual barrel Carby, new pistons, new rings we changed the solenoid and upgraded , added an extra alternator so to isolate the sound and bar systems. Gearbox, clutch, brakes all were reconditioned the list was endless.

We hated where the Handbrakes were in this model of Kombi, so we changed it, we had 2 bucket seats made in the front and in between we built a handbrake system similar to any modern sedan with a nice cup holder for those upfront doing the work.

Air- Conditioning we were told by many many people impossible and then would drag power etc. hahahaha Our brief was we wanted air-con so cold ice creams would not melt. so we have a custom built “H” shaped vent system over the drivers compartment, this has a very strong blower from an Isuzu bus. Under the vehicle we have bolted not one but two air -con condensors.

The interior was possibly the most nerve wracking and the hardest to accomplish as we were treading where no-one else had- we wanted the bus soundproofed -no engine noise, limo seating, a remote control bar, and a sound system that will keep anyone happy.
We have use a new material through the floor and walls fr sound proofing and an underfelt glued to the ceiling for the roof liner-We think it has come out ok.

The exterior and interior painting was performed by some of the best in Bali including the artwork is original and was done by Bali’s best air brush artist.
The artwork is actually by my daughter Nisa Morgan by pure coincidence as when Nisa arrived in Bali her sketch book had the image we have used, it works perfectly for the destination with enough of a hibiscus look to hark to those surf days.

We have 3 more under construction and now the team is humming we are looking at 9 week turnarounds on each vehicle.

Come and have a look and tell us what you think.

Brett and Kombi Team